The goal of this report is to present a fair and across-the-board comparison of various vendors of Tian Xian products on the internet. At the time of this writing, there were already a handful of vendors who claim that they are selling genuine Tian Xian products. This is a fair and across-the-board research that would summarize all of their offerings.

This is a summary of all our findings. Each item is fully backed with evidences and proofs either from online or authoritative sources.

Aside from cautioning consumers to be wary of the ill effects of fake products, we also caution you to be on guard against identity theft.

Download the official announcement released by the Tian Xian manufacturer regarding counterfeiters here.



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Last Updated: February 2009


The differences between the genuine Tian Xian Liquid and fake Tian Xian Liquid are as follows:

1. The Tian Xian Liquid is placed in small plastic bottle with an embedded logo on the white plastic cap, while the fake one is placed in a small glass bottle with a gold tin cap on it.

2. The outer box is a stripe of gray-white-gray and the inner box has red-white-red packing. You can check for the product description.

3. If you bought the 1 set of 60 vials x 20cc, you will notice on the side that there is a sticker with REGISTRATION NO., MANUFACTURING DATE, VALID DATE AND LOT NO. Tian Xian products are good for 3 years.

A simple way to identify counterfeit products:

1. Those Tian Xian Liquid with polystyrene lining and packaged in a glass bottle are counterfeit products.

2. The types which purport that the packaging includes “laser anti-counterfeiting logo” are counterfeit products. Consumers may find it odd that the counterfeit product contains an anti-counterfeiting logo. This type of logo normally has a date on it and can be obtained easily. This is the main reason that the manufacturer has stopped producing this kind of packaging and introduced the new and existing one in 1999. At present, the packaging material of genuine Tian Xian Liquid comes from Hong Kong, Japan, Taiwan, and Germany.

3. The taste of the Chinese prescriptive medicine cannot be easily differentiated by ordinary people, as the taste is often similar when the medicine is abstracted and simmered. However, genuine Tian Xian Liquid has a primary “sweet, mellow, and dense” taste and the herbal aroma releases as soon as the bottle is opened. Other counterfeit goods taste weak and bitter and contain no particular scent.

4. Please be aware that some websites claim that they sell at a premium rate, but the site contains no real pictures; these sites may also have pictures copied from We do not want the situation to happen when the customers receive their purchased goods, only to find out and realize that the packaging or the product is forged.



We know that after publishing these reports, the respective website owners will be revising their sites.  To validate the facts presented herein is through the way back machine (

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